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Gold Panning Instructions
Gold Panning - is most commonly used to locate richer paying ground sampling , so that larger production equipment can be brought in.
This tutorial will give you the skills needed to find gold while panning.
Setting Ground Balance

What is Ground Balancing?

Instructions showing the process of ground balancing a metal detector to obtain the best proformance and depth of the metal detector.

Sluicing instructions

Sluicing Instructions - By the time you get to Step Six, you will have processed several hundred pounds of gravel, far more than the average person could ever hope to hand-pan during a daily outing. Using a sluice box of the type shown.

  Using a pinpoint probe

Pinpoint probes - These little devices can save you a lot of heartache and agony.

They are not built to be pushed into the ground, they are built to help you find a target in a hole that’s already dug or in the loose dirt.

Gold Dredge Instructions

General Dredging Instructions

The following information should enable you to understand the basic theory of the operation of a portable dredge.

Metal Detecting for the Beginner
Metal Detecting for the Beginner

This guide will provide the Background on metal detectors, features and functions, and how to successfully find treasure and gold.
Gold Mning- River Reading
How to read a river or stream

How to Read a River for Gold Deposits It is really informative and covers just about everything you could think of about reading a stream
Underwater Metal Detecting Tips
Underwater Metal Detecting Tips

Metal detecting underwater is a great way to hone one’s skills in treasure hunting. Here are some tips for people who would want to go metal detecting underwater.

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