JURASSIC GROUP ONE - 4 cell, 2 tenure placer claim.

Jurassic Group One Claims



Tenure #847737 - Jurassic 5 - 3 cell tenure - 61.05 hectares (150.85 acres)
Tenure #847840 - Jurassic 6 - 1 cell tenure - 20.35 hectares (50.28 acres)
Central Coordinate 121° 53' 54.1" W Longitude 50° 58' 14.6" N Latitude

Price: $ 2,800

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The Jurassic Group One placer tenures, are situate 34 (air) kilometers north of Lillooet, and comprise over 1200 metres of upper bench, immediately downstream from an exposed (ancient) mid-river bedrock mound, and features mainly a sloping landscape punctuated by numerous weathered ravines and ancient landscape pockets which naturally serves as entrapments for heavy minerals and metals. Access would be via the West Pavilion Road leading northward from the Lillooet region, as it parallels the general course of the Fraser River. There have been no records found which indicate prior placer activity occurred in the area of this claim group.

This property group would be more suited to a moderate to large-scale machine-assisted operation. Advance prospecting and sampling required.

The below Minfile Report would be applicable to the small portion of the beach comprised within the northeast sector of the Group 1 tenures:
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